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Erin at workBorn in Southern California, Erin Barrett started her training with a BFA in sculpture in 2000 from California State University, Long Beach, she works from her business located in Pasadena, California.

In 1998, Ms. Barrett retained a position with Creations Ink in Costa Mesa creating small figurines for the collectable toy industry and started her career path into art. During this time, she gained valuable experience in the process of translating 2D drawings into 3D models. This required working with many materials and an extraordinary attention to detail.

Wanting to further her practical experience based upon her art degree specializing in bronze casting, Ms. Barrett took a position with Decker Studios Fine Arts Foundry in North Hollywood in 2001. This allowed her to add to her body of knowledge and develop the skills of running a business. It is here where Ms. Barrett worked side by side with other patina artists learning formulas and the application techniques that become the tricks of the trade and built upon the knowledge she garnered in college. Besides working on newly created pieces, Ms. Barrett had the privilege of working restoration on ancient Greek and Roman sculptures for the J. Paul Getty Museum Villa during this time. During her time there, not only did she work on foundry pieces, she also managed business aspects of the foundry. This included coordination of pieces through all aspects of finish, personnel management, human resources, artist accommodations and visits, as well as finances and record keeping.Erin at work

Soon after her foundry experience, Ms. Barrett realized she could better serve her goals by striking out on her own. Since that time, she has freelanced patinas at several foundries as well as for fine artists directly. This has created the opening for expressive unique patinas as well as small run production patinas in her business studio. Ms. Barrett has the added benefit of being able to travel to larger commissions and have had job opportunities ranging over all of California to outside the continental United States.

To date, Ms. Barrett has worked on the projects of artists such as Charles Ray, Ynez Johnson, Maxine Stussy, Artis Lane as well as businesses the likes of Walt Disney Imagineering, The National Geographic Society, Linda Jones Enterprises, Inc. and the Chase Group. She is the patina artist on call for Andevan Bronzeworks in Burbank and works on many of their large size public commissions.