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Fyrebringer Studios


Adevan Bronzeworks Bronze sculptures, bronze art and bronze foundry casting since 1974


Artis Lane Larger-than-life scale sculptures


Lark Grey Diamond-Cates Best known for her works pertaining to Dr Seuss, Lark is currently working on a series based on the female form, along with a body of work inspired by her experiences in Mexico


Jose Ismael Fernandez A classically influenced sculptor based in Los Angeles, California. His work has been seen at the Bluebird Arthouse, and as monuments at locations around the country


Cindy Jackson: Sculpture Works in bronze, many pertaining to people's relationships


Jeff Johnson Sculpture


Leon Richman Fine Art


Bronzeman Supplier of Bronze Sculpture


Sculpt Nouveau Patinas and metal finishes


Alex Wagman Wagman Studios - Bronze Sculptures


Martin Pierce Furniture and Hardware


Rith Snyder Artist


Susan Fanfa Design Furniture and Lighting



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