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Fyrebringer Studios
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Fountain Restoration
Union Development Company
Cerritos, Ca

Lillith - before Lillith - before Lillith - before Lillith - before

Fountain after a full restoration was done
Sealed with an epoxy lacquer to help prevent corrosion from water damage for the future
Lillith - restored Lillith - restored


Monument Restoration
"Magic Johnson"
Staples Center Los Angeles,CA
Magic Johnson - before
Before restoration work
Magic Johnson - after
After restoration work
We used glazes and stains to brighten the colors on him, after giving the statue a thorough cleaning to remove the build up of dirt, and a clear lacquer and wax finish will help keep the colors looking brighter, longer.



Fountain Restoration
Before and after
Restoration included decalcification of fountain, and a new patina with ammonia sulfide black and a green oxide wash over the top
Boy on Snail - before
Boy on Snail - after


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